Post Formats

Post Formats

These are add on features that posts can have. I am assuming they are described as Formats is because, for some they do require additional media handling.

The set for Formats available is:

  • aside
  • gallery
  • quote
  • link
  • image
  • status
  • video
  • audio
  • chat

Post Formats are enabled at the Theme level by including ‘add_theme_support()’ in the functions.php file, eg

add_theme_support( 'post-formats',  array( 'aside', 'gallery', 'quote', 'image', 'video') );

I am struggling to understand why a Theme would limit the set of Post Formats available. Even if you you want a Theme that does not allow audio, or have need of a chat facility, is there really any benefit in omiting these features?