Scams & Phishing

Home Appliance Insurance scam

7-Nov-2019. Just had a scam phone call from Jade at ‘Home Guard Care’ or some such company, informing me that my Home guard insurance policy had just expired, but as I hadn’t made a claim in the previous two years I could renew at a reduced price of £90.00 for two years, down from the £108 I paid two years ago.

Trouble is I do not have an insuance policy with this crowd. Now, according to Jade, I made a payment to this lot on November 5 2017. When I asked Jade to stay on the line whilst I went to check, Jade hung up.

This is the second time this lot has tried this scam. The phone number was withheld so I am unable to trace it back. Not that it makes much difference, because the phone numbers used are usually ‘one-off’s.


Been informed that a number of suspious transactions have been notes on my HSBC account. Am provided with tha URL to click in order to check. Just one problem, I do not have a HSBC bank account.

TV Licence

June 2020. My neighbour received an email proporting to be from the TV Licensing Authority stating that she need to to pay her TV licence Fee now that the licence is no longer free for over 75’s with a link on where to go to pay it.

The URL was obviously NOT the TV licensing authority, and the requirement fro over 75s not receiving the pension top-up to pay for the TV Licence has been delayed until September.

Expect these types of scams to resurface come September.


24-Sep-2020. Recieved a text message from +44 7487 305443. Proporting to be from Vodafone. “We were unable to process your latest payment. In order to avoid fees, please update your information via”

Amazon Prime

6-Oct-2020. Next door neighbour received an automated phone call message stating that her Amazon Prime payment of £35.02 was overdue and could she please call the following number to arrange payment. my neighbour does not have an Amazon Prime account, but due to Amazon’s dirty little trick earlier in the year of making it appear when ordering that you were not accepting their 3 month free trial, when in fact you were, a number of people were conned into opening Amazon Prime accounts. This blantant mis-direction by Amazon opened up a massive window of opportunity for the scammers and phishers.

Thank you Amazon

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