Love my Macro lens. It produces a whole different set of imagary, not only the close-up nature of nature itself, but coupled with the narrow depth of field it does give some alluring images.

One of my favourite subjects, as you can probably sumise from the images, is flowers. The macro photo can reveal colours and textures that you just do not notice, or cannot see, with the naked eye.

One tip, when taking Macro. it is often extremely difficult to get the focus exactly right. The use of auto focus often hampers, rather than assists, because to get the exactly image you want with the correct out of focus background you are looking for, means you may need more precise control than auto focus can give. Second, because the depth of field is so narrow, hand holding the camera means the normal motion in the body will cause the image to move in and out of focus. Finally, if you are taking the picture outside, even on a quite day, the wind can move the subject out of the focus point you want.

The tip: If you cannot use a tripod, then, rather than focusing using the focus ring, get the shot approximately in focus using focus ring, then make small, smooth movements toward/away from the subject until you have the shot you want.