Haslingfield Church 2023

Church from East to West

Mid-Summer 2023, and time to choose a subject for my Timelapse adventure. From my past experiences, experiments & disappointments I do know that to make a good Timelapse series you need items where the change in light intensity, colour, and direction all add to enhence to photos. Textured brickwork works well. Water works well, multiple items casting shadows – acting almost like sundials work well. In contrast wide-open landscapes do not. They tend to be unchanging and boring.

So this year I went back to the 14th C church in our village and tried that from three different angles. There are also I two extremely attractive cottages, that back onto the church facing east, so I inlcude those in my set.

This first set is from the left rear of the church facing North-West.

Church from South

These images are a mixture of the interesting (early and late) and the picture postcard style (middle of the day). What is also interesting is the blue hue of the 09:00 image followed by the slightly pinkish tint of the 10:30. This difference in hue is caused the use of a polarizing lens.

Cottages backing on to Church

These images are of the cottages that back on to the church grounds. The cottages are idilic, and, more importantly to this projects perspective, east facing, so they pick up the dawn light beautifully.