Wimpole Hall

Wimpole Hall

Wimpole Hall is situated about 8 miles due west od Cambridge, and is an historic estate I have visited a number of times, though never with the intention of actually investigating the gardens and grounds.

The estate is run by the National Trust, and in common with most, if not all, Stately Properties that are open to the public, the Covid-19 restrictions means that whilst the grounds are open the house itself is closed.

The house dates from the mid 17th Centuary, not unlike Hatfield House and Audley End, and indeed there is a lot of simularity. However the differences are well worth exploring. The Walled Garden and Orchard at Wimpole are definitely worth the trip on their own. There is an array of flora, fabulously presented, not ordered or manicured, just distributed, mixed, intermingled, brilliant. And the Orchard is superb. And whilst you maybe tempted to scrump the odd apple or pear, my recommendation would be to resist, but instead buy some of the fresh produce and preserves from the shop in the old stables.

One point worthy on note is that the Church on the Estate is still in use today for the Parish, with weekly services.