Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum – August 2020

We initiallty planned to go the North Norfolk coast today, but the weather, whilst very warm (28+c) was overcast and dull. So we decided instead to visit the Imperial War Museum at Duxford.

IWM at Duxford, whilst renown for its Aircraft, and rightly so, is not just about Aircraft, but about all the wars that the UK has, rightly or wrongly, justifably or unjustly, engaged in since the start of the 20th Century.

There are exhibits from WWI, WWII, Korea, Falklands, Iraq, plus, in the American hanger, reminders of Vietnam and the Cold War between USA and Russia.

The site is MASSIVE, and can easily occupy a whole day.( I would say four hours min. and that is just to walk around the exhibits in the hangers.)

And if you fancy something a little special, well there is a flight simulator, or go for the real thing and have a flight as a passenger in a Spitfire.

As an FYI, Non of the images involves the use of flash.