Brancaster is famed for its fabulous expanse of unspolit beach. It goes on and on and on for miles and miles and miles. The problem is in its fame, and in its distance from the village of Brancaster and local amenities.

Let me start out by stating that the beach is, almost, beyond compare. it literally does stretch for miles, both east and west, not to mention the hundreds of yards to golden sands to the sea. And it is classical golden sands. not pepples, not shale, just sand from every childhood memory.

It is also controlled by the National Trust, but when I say controlled, the control that the National Trust exerts upon the beach is not what you might think. The beach sits beyond a mile wide reed marsh, hence its distance from the village, which obvioulsy is not allow ed intrude on the reed marsh.

The National Trust own and manage the reed marsh, laying down boarded walkways, harveting the reeds (presumably for thatch) and encoraging the divercity of flora and fauna to help the reed marsh flourish