Wimpole Hall – The House

Our previous ‘Thursday trips’ to Wimpole have all excluded the house itself, because it was not open due to Covid-19 restrictions. I am pleased to say it is now open, but access is limited to the ground floor and servant’s quarters. The upstairs & bedrooms are still closed off, though now its because of too few staff / volunteers as opposed to any pandemic restrictions.

I think its fair to say that the house is intersting without being spectacular or outstanding. There are some aspects that do make you stop and admire. The Yellow room with its vaulted glass domed ceiling and grecco decorated surround does have a ‘Wow’ factor. But to be honest I thought that whilst the room is astonishing, and beautiful, it is also strange and wrong. Indeed I thought the stairs, with its vaulted light ceiling, the dining room which seemed beautifully proptioned, the Library, and the servants quarters much more interesting and appealing.

The day we went was happened to be Maunday Thursday, and there was a easter egg hunt for the children. If you look closely at the images you can see a couple of the eggs the children had to find.