Triplow – Daffodils

Whilst not actually a Thursday day trip, the day out to Triplow for their Daffodil week-end did replace our usual Thursday trip, so whilst it was a Saturday, I have put it under the ‘Thurday heading’

For those wondering where Triplow is located, or, more specifically, which Triplow I am talking about, the village is located about eight miles south east of Cambridge, on the cambridgeshire side of the Cambs, Herts, Essex boarder. It is a small vallage, with population of around 1200, but is spread over quite a large area (2,500 acres).

The Daffodil weekend at Triplow is a massive village event that has been run annually since 1969 (with a break in 2001 due to Foot & Mouth epiemic and 2020/21 during the Covid-19 lockdowns). It attracts visitors from all over the country (the day we were there we met people who had driven down from Derbyshire and Monmouthshire), and whilst the focus of the event is the splendid display of daffodils through othe village, these days there is far more going on with Shire Horses, Stream tractors, Wood carvings and other local Arts & Crafts, Morris and Folk dancing, Vintage car and tractor displays, sheep dog trials (although they were not running on the Saturday we went), and whole arrays of food and produce stalls.

The village is completely shutdown to motor vehicles during the weekend and if your are visiting the event you need to park at the approved car parks situated about 1/2 mile from the village centre (and by centre I mean the village pub – The Green Man.) If you want to visit I strongly reccomend that you book in advance. This year the event was completely sold out and sadly, had you turned up on spec on either Saturday or Sunday, you may well have been turned away.

Any way here are some images from the day, enjoy.