We visited Wimpole late September last year when the they were harvesting the Apples, Pears and other autumn ripening fruits. As it was autumn vegetables in the allotment area of the walled garden were pretty much all finished, and whilst there were some fabulous flowers and shrubs on display, again the earlier flowing plants wer past there best. Also, that was in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and both the house and farm were closed to visitors. So we promised ourselves another visit, at an earlier time in the year, when house & farm wuld be open and the flowers and vegatable gardens in full bloom.

Pleased to say, not disappointed. The walled garden, whilst not the most decorative, is certainly colourful with some truely exotic thistles. And whilst we didnt get to see round the house (for some bizzar reason it closed at 14:30), we did get to round the farm, with instance after instance of rare bred animals. And I have to say there are some really magnificient individuals – Cattle, Boars, Goats, Shire Horses, and a little shetland pony named Sonny, who at 20 years old, is the elderly stateman of the farm aminals.

And all of these individuals seem not only pleased to have humans around, but to actually enjoy their attention.