Anglesey Abbey

First Thurday outing of 2021 was the last week of February with the weather was warm, dry, but overcast. This after, what had seemed like, a very long cold and wet month.

Good news though, with spring just around the corner the early flowering bulbs were out, and the snow-drop trail at Anglesey Abbey was open. And when I say trail, I actually mean carpet. The woods, lawns, paths are just a sea of snow-drops. But not just snow-drops, whole areas of daffodils, crocii, minature bluebells (do not know their correct name), and early flowering shrubs in full bloom.

We were also very lucky weather wise. I mentioned it was dry and overcast, but there was also little or no breeze, which mean the scents and perfumes from the shrubs just filled the air.

The pics suffer a little because of the dull light, but even so brilliant afternoon out.