Malcesine & Lake Garde

Malcesine & Lake Garde

Malcesine is small, medival Italian fishing town on the north east shoreline of Lake Garde. The town lies at the mountainous northern end of the lake and is backed by Monte Baldo. It also boast a Thirteenth century castle.

Today it is almost exclusively a tourist town, famous for its narrow cobbled lanes, ancient building, castle and shops. The town is probably an unspoilt a tourist srestort as you could hope to achieve in todays modern, fly anywhere, go anywhere society. It is very definitely not a holiday resort as found on the southern shores of Lake Garde, but neither has it been designer moderised like the extremely attrictive towns such as Riva, Limone or Salo.

And if you need other reasons to visit, then Malcesine is ideally located to take a day trip to the Dolomites, which are as spectacular as you could ever want.

Author: Steve Dickinson