Calahonda – 2024

Early April 2024 saw us once again holidaying with Ros & Iain, or our Outlaws as we call them, at their apartment in Calahonda on the Costa del Sol. The weather was just about perfect, temperatures in the low twenties, sunny, but a brease to stop you getting too hot.

The images are of a similar genre to those from our previous visits, though this time I did manage to take a number of late evening shots. No pictures of the sun setting over the Mediterranean though, as the costal shape around Calahonda means the sun sets over the headland betwen Calahonda and Marbella.

As we only take cabin luggage on the flights I am limited to the number of lens I can take. Ususally this is not an issue as my go-to lens – a Nikon 28-300mm f3.5 – is exetremely versitile, but even that was not up to capturing the flock of flamingoes that we saw flying over the Med. For that shot I really missed my 200-500mm f5.6 zoom lens. I have include one of the images though, just for the novel nature of the photo.

We took a day trip out to Monda, a beautiful town in the hills north of Calahonda. It really is picturesque place, with cobbled narrow streets, a gaol (La Jaula)- that is now a restaurant – and a still working, though not used any more, communal laundry.